Delivering on the commitment we make; your success breads our success ®

Kalmar & Partners, is a global advisory provider, focus primarily but not exclusively on business development. It is a breadth and depth consulting service, specializing in diversified strategic projects, process improvement, and transformation advantages.

We Are Partners in Your Success ®.

Our purpose and values deliberate the optimum foresight service that, seeds and strengthen your strategic autonomy:

Originality and Relativity Simplify Complexity ®.

In addition, our knowledge, experience, and reshaping will ensure your brand steadiness, gain the momentum to compete and thrive:

Exchange for Excellence ®.

Our authentic collaborative will target the right prospects, unlock potential, exploit opportunity, and outwit uncertainty. Moreover, it will keep resiliency, maximize market share, and sustain reputation:

Putting the Engagement on Upward Trajectory ®.

Based on your specific challenges and needs, we identify, advise, and invest. In addition, we apply with integrity our SSP+I 365® productivity and performance model, combined with our solid cross-domain expertise in management, analytics, and technology.

SSP+I 365® Productivity and Performance Model:

[Succession+ Solutions + Process] + Impact.

Succession [Rightful +Dexterity]

  • Dynamic constructive (being + doing).
  • Critical thinking mindset, decision-maker, and exert influence.
  • Mechanism for winning linked and engineered to a sense of urgency.

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Solutions [Timely+ Scalable+ Feasible]

  • Define (Segment and personality).
  • Authenticate and protect.
  • Execute (focus, prioritize and synchronize).
  • Leverage (align and expansion).

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Process [Clear Means+ Compatible End]

  • Elaborate (reliability + accountability).
  • Relation (positioning and sustainability).
  • Regard integrity and consistent practices.

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Impact [Intelligence + Visibility]

  • TRS-VID: TRS (track and reconfigure system interconnections and interdependences) By VID (very important data).

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