At Kalmar & Partners, we represent the values which our business stands. We are result oriented, work closely with your company to ensure case success, differentiation, and time to value acceleration.

We take thoughtful actions, deliver and reward measurable results.


Kalmar & Partners help your company transform and perform at speed and scale.

Based on your specific challenges and needs, we identify, advise, and invest. In addition, we apply with integrity our SSP+I 365® productivity and performance model, combined with our solid cross-domain expertise in management, analytics, and technology.

In all, we are committed to true engagement and focus the efforts for maximum leverage and enduring impact.

Therefore, our expansive strategic relationship, responsibly, delivers a real value, which exceeds expectation.


Our win-win advisory service committed to strategic quality digital portfolio by scale and scope: specific, imperative, targeted, directive, always on and balanced initiatives.

We focus on three interconnected areas of competency:


Professional assessment and active improvement:

  • Balanced.
  • Iterative, with a high-value return.
  • Detailed attribution to agility, accuracy, and consistency.


Develop customized personalized solutions to challenges:

  • Meaningful, proven functionality and design fit.
  • Efficient utilization of capabilities.
  • Share, and embed lasting change that matters


Intelligence to offer identity and data driven analytics for a compelling opportunities and lead to a single version of truth:

  1. Multi-level aligned cross functional scenarios.
  2. Contextual identity and access management controls.
  3. Actionable insights, and patterns discovery.
  4. Feature optimization.

Our equity-based partnership ensures rapid and long mutual benefits. It includes a contract agreement with 40% relative market discount.