AIAS231®, AS Data AS Brand, The Multiplier Effect.

AIAS231® Identity and Data Branding and Kalmar & Partner® Advisory Group are a registered United States of America trademark under the name of Abdelhamid Ibrahim Abdelhamid Samara.

Data and Analytics lead the way towered creating superior products. The winning combination always surpasses expectations. Data has the power to form compelling narratives and advance analytics maturity for better valuable decisions.

Challenges are feasible opportunities when viewed from various perspectives. Quality right data is valuable assets, Accountable responsible analytics is a competitive currency.

Data asset value differs by business model. It’s the legal direct path for brand uniqueness, therefore the way to leverage real value from data assets, is to create a standard identifier, and mapping rules to measure what matters based on well clear definitions.

Construct ≠ instruct, knowledge is shared and generated from data when it is viewed in context. It follows that data processing, aggregation, and fusion can create new data value conveying authenticity, veracity, variability, variety, movement, and governing function rules.

Consequently, the new data meaningful shape, combined with KPIs and “what-ifs” prescriptive analysis are insight-driven. It’s used to accelerate discovery, solving known and unknown problems, increase visibility, fuel decision making, and leading to a single version of the truth.

Small data is unique, diminutive. It’s winning right now, and next. .

Data and analysis product acquires its value from the data itself, Small data is the master key for big projects success, and for high return on analytics investment.

Small data makes things not only possible but also feasible, acceptable, and suitable. It targets the right prospects, unlocks the potential, exploits opportunity, and outwit uncertainty.

Small data acceptability accumulated from leading better by purpose bases activities, resiliency, make effective tactics with sense of urgency, and seize the advantage through adversity and beyond challenges.

Its suitability emanated from identity that is structured based on unique data attributes. Applying consistent identity and access policy., with cross-referencing data attributes between diverse sources improve data reliability and risk mitigation

From a leadership perspective, being egotistic does not contradict or reflect on not being empathic, it’s more about propositions, shared values, and value compatibility.

Being big without being the best or being precise without being accurate don’t keep the plus or stop the minus. It means taking actions rooted in high value and expectancy, where simple ≠ easy, and complex ≠ difficult.

The child is the seed from whom man arises, value actualization reflects understanding, and awareness that value is inherently exists and internally accumulated.

Value and worth are subjective, value create is not equal value extract, and money legalization is not equal money mint. Once you have the data, it’s all about features.

Therefore, for algorithmically powered products to win, and for efficient use and implementation of the product idea and methods, it’s important to own the right data through the right source, and to have the roles and rules for access rights to it.


It is simply as it is.



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