Republican Party the Party Of law & Order = As Police As Army As Court As President As Country.

law and order ‘applied equally’ means law and order ‘for all ‘, it is the intimacy to create trust and accountability.

It is a principle, not a privilege, simply it is the direct path for safety and prosperity = Rights and Responsibilities.

During all times protests (zone: around – near) government work building, institutions or politics residence not justified (crime record) regardless of the reason.

Freedom of expressions are linked and accompanied with peaceful acts and civilized behaviors, it is sense and logic.

Respect the majority role and the minority rights is the bedrock principle for justice to be served, and the core value of a successful compelling productive policy.

Looting, vandalism, rioting, and kneeling are unacceptable, harmful motivators, illegal and must be legally penalized, prosecuted and charged.

During times of pandemic disease outbreak and serious health threats, riots and even peaceful protests must be stopped because it is responsible for cases expansion and worsening the situation.

The leverage from the culture of inclusion depends on the clear understanding, that liability and progress will be stalled when start harming others.

Autonomous zones are not interpreted as self-governing; it is simple occupation with criminal record. Government is required to act sharply with zero tolerance.

Welcome and support for the good and convict the bad = build and add value for a civilized advanced Society(+x).