SSP+I 365® Productivity and Performance Model:


SSP+I 365®, is a result-oriented set of prescriptive and bold actions. It provides envision, enrichment for business case correctness and deployment.

Moreover, it’s a proven key proprietary progress, and dynamic capability intelligence model. make better data led decisions and governance driven provisioning.

SSP+I 365®, holistic and value preposition of best practices, architecture, and platform are for collective long-term.

Consequently, its agility, identity, efficiency, feasibility, and capacity structure built and assembled based on:

  • Valuation: (Growth + Profit + % Risk) + Security.
  • Evaluation: (Data + Measurement + Mobility) + Technology. 
  1. Principal and Principle: Lead uncomfortable (Confidence + Responsibility+ Persist+ Vitality) + Exemplify+ Strategy (cohesive +vigilance +evolve) +Tactics (prevalent +preemptive +multiplicative) + Nullify (complacency +attrition)
  2. Culture of accomplishment: Connect (communicate +engage +clarify +persuade +respect +convey) +Apply (restore +impartiality +daring) + Attribution (gratitude not apology +diversity +inclusion+ post condition reward).
  3. Is Branding a locked box? Yes: Intellectual property, No: Creativity.
  1. Modeling and analytical techniques.
  2. Recognize and classify (mining + perception + reasoning).
  3. Versatility (concurrent cascade updates).
  4. Synergy (integrate + unify).
  5. Formalize (reconcile + comply).
  6. Availability (resiliency + repository).
Process [Clear Means+ Compatible End]
  1. Specialty: Prepense + Mapping functionality to requirements +Eliminate redundancy + Assure (facilitate + verify) +Confirm.
  2. Readiness: Response (navigate + sensitive for cause and effect + defy vulnerability).
  3. Possess: Compute (calibrate + allocate exact resources) + interlace.
  4. Mobilize: Change (continuous + consistent) + rectify + speed up.
  5. Utilize: Explain + Delegate.
  1. Exist for the next best key act.
  2. Distinctive power of small data on big data.
  3. Enable + Exchange + Extensibility (increment on the structure + accelerate on the function).
  4. Singleton +Optimize +Adapt +Attain + Acknowledge +Amplify.
  5. Attest (concrete coherent evidence): valuable features +significant factors +counterpoints +triggers +emerging trends +trade off.
  6. Directed Control (trace + uptime): prevent before occurrence+ correct before escalating+ recovery after failure+ proprietary after dispute.
  7. Realization + Presence

 Our expansive strategic relationship responsibly delivers a real value, which exceeds expectation.